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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

G.I. JOE/COBRA Serpentor 1/6 Scale Custom Figure

Serpentor Formula:

Hood sculpt: custom, balsa wood, Sculpey III and Sculpey Firm mixed.
Head sculpt: TTA (completely redone w/ repaint --skin tone:eyes:slips:brows, sanded off facial hair, head over all was helmeted)
Cape: Drizzle my man did an amazing job on my Serps cape and Pythona cape, custom real metal chain though was added for more girth and heavy dutyness that I wanted on the feel of Serpentor.
Body: T-800 MS HT.
Body suit: custom hand sewn nylon spandex about $10 a yard
Arm sheaths: custom hand sewn forest green pleather, Hancock's Fabric
Chestplate snake creation: custom hand sewn, each scale was sewn together and layered I think three times with a bottom, mid and top layer. Gloss and black wash applied along with forest green pleather used as straps w/ snap-ins
Chest, leg armorings: Snake skin fabric, I was very fortunate to get this material to myself as it was very VERY expensive, I think they were quoting something like $60-$70 per yard... Rightfully so though whenever I got the materials it's definitely the highest end fabric that I've worked with for a custom.
Staff: Cobra Commander Hasbro staff, very nice in weight and was the perfect fit for something that Serpentor would carry around.
Boots: T-800 MS HT boots.
Hands: T-800 MS hands, closed and opened fists.
Decal stand: EVILFACE custom creation of emblem on Serpentor's chariot.
Side snakes: Cobra Snake Wild Safari LTD (eBay), repainted green with slight gloss.
Neck snakes: They actually came from my neighbors reef, I guess for Halloween they had a reef made up of snakes, so yes.... I did take two of them. There had to be like 200-300 snakes on that thing so I hope he didn't mind. :-) (repainted green with slight gloss.)

Dethroning of Cobra Commander!!!!!!

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  1. I like to know more on step by step on serpentor. How you made the chest piece. Maybe more pictures and instruction please.